Cornerstone Missions

We are a mission-minded church. Below are just a few we support.

Cornerstone Christian Church Missions

Mission Team

Vero Beach’s Cornerstone Christian Church is committed to reaching the world through regular support of local, stateside and global ministries. We dedicate significant funds from our weekly offering to help support the following missionaries and mission works.

Missions Team Statement

The missions team strives to enhance for every member of Cornerstone Christian Church an awareness, understanding, and increased interest in a variety of mission works, in missionary families in the field, and in local community outreach opportunities. We welcome you to join our missions team.

International Disaster Emergency Service

IDES exists to bring glory to God by meeting the physical and spiritual needs in our hurting world until Jesus returns. IDES is funded through congregational support of Christian Churches/Churches of Christ and from the contributions of individuals. Each year IDES distributes thousands of dollars around the world to help with disaster relief, hunger, development projects, medical needs, and evangelism. IDES works with missionaries and ministers who are already reaching the communities where they serve and responds to hundreds of requests for help every year. All benevolent aid is given for the purpose of having the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. IDES seeks to help victims of man-made or natural disasters by providing for their immediate basic needs and assisting them in rebuilding their lives. IDES is committed to helping victims of famine and malnutrition caused by man-made or natural disasters. IDES provides development projects to empower people to independently provide for their own basic needs. IDES gives a hand up and not simply a handout. IDES helps missionaries or their immediate family to receive emergency medical treatment if they lack the financial resources. IDES provides medicines, medical equipment or supplies for temporary health clinics sponsored by a missionary or mission organization.

Rick Jett, Executive Director

Gary Finley, Director of Development


Larry Sims, Field Services Manager

Joe Luttrell, DART Coordinator

P.O. Box 379
Noblesville, IN 46061-0379
Phone: 317-773-4111 Email:

Cornerstone Christian Church’s Missionaries Jim and Becky Newman

Missionaries in Queensland, Australia
Southern Cross Ministries

Jim and Becky Newman with teenage sons, Daniel and Andrew, began their ministry in Australia in 2003. Previous ministries include 12 years of missionary work in Grenada as well as short-term work in Mexico, St. Vincent, and Haiti. The first Australian church in which they worked was the Toowoomba International Christian Church. In the fall of 2007 they planted the Eastern Downs. In early 2010 a second church was planted in the town of Westbrook. These two new churches are currently meeting in homes while they worship, study God’s Word, and continue to grow. Church of Christ, twenty miles from Toowoomba in the town of Pittsworh.t

Jim established, prepares lesson materials and teaches at the Southern Cross Bible Institute (SCBI) in Toowoomba. Distance education through SCBI correspondence courses was expanded in 2006 to include internet courses that now serve more than 100 students worldwide. Jim travels throughout the Philippines to hold seminars, teach students and church leaders, and to preach in local churches. With specific incorporation efforts underway for this ministry, to be named Australian Christian Training Ministries, plans are to locate a building to house an office, classrooms, and space for their 2,500 item library. This resource/ministry center will be open to the public.

Jim and Becky are both graduates of Kentucky Christian College. Jim earned his M.A. at Johnson Bible College and studied at Abilene Christian University and at Hope International University. Becky also earned a degree in Primary Education at the University of South Queensland and is registered to teach in Australia. The Newmans hold dual citizenship in the U.S.A. and in Australia. Daniel and his wife, Samantha, graduated from Johnson Bible College in 2009 and joined the ministry of his parents.

Contact Information:
Jim and Becky Newman
P. O. Box 394
Drayton North QLD 4350

Phone: 1-513-276-4519

Forwarding Agent:
Bill Baugus
1672 Oakland Locust Ridge Rd.
Mt. Orab, OH 45154


Cornerstone Christian Church’s Missionaries Joel and Marilyn Khopang

Missionaries in Chiangmai, Thailand
North Burma Christian Mission

Joel is a native of Thailand. He travels from village to village teaching and evangelizing throughout China, Myanmar, India and Thailand. He created an alphabet for the Anung tribe people, began translating the Bible into their own language, and established the Lisu and the Lahu Bible Institutes to teach and train pastors for the many remote tribes living in these countries. The Anung Christian Hostel was started in 2005 in Chiangmai to help local college students with special tutoring and to meet their living expenses.

Marilyn and her brothers and sisters are the third generation of Morse family missionaries in Asia. She attends to the mission’s work during Joel’s extensive travels. She sings, writes songs and records CD’s through her music ministry. Her recordings have been broadcast on short wave radio, the BBC and from the Philippines on FEBC, as well as FM radio in Chiangmai.

Joel and Marilyn have three sons, a daughter and one granddaughter. They adopted Mali Saemee who now teaches and often travels with Joel. They work closely with the Nagaland Children’s Outreach Ministry, a free school and orphanage under the direction of Elilo Patton, a native missionary.

Joel and Marilyn Khopang
Post Office Box 141
Chiangmai, Thailand 50000

Joel’s Email:
Marilyn’s Email:

Forwarding Agents:
David and Joanne Jordan
1828 Westwood Drive
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Phone: 1-573-334-6909

Johnson University Florida

The purpose of Johnson University Florida is to conduct a course of study to educate men and women for Christian service, to provide a program of instruction on the college level, to grant appropriate degrees, and to serve as a resource to the churches. Johnson University Florida is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and by the Association for Biblical Higher Education to award Associate and Bachelor degrees.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Preaching
  • Bachelor of Arts in Humanities
  • Bachelor of Arts or Science in Youth & Family Life
  • Bachelor of Science in Cross-Cultural Ministries
  • Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry
  • Bachelor of Science in Counseling
  • Bachelor of Science in Children’s Ministry
  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Christian Education Leadership
  • Bachelor of Science in Music Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Music Ministry
  • Bachelor of Business Administration

Dr. Norman Geisler, a highly published professor of apologetics at Southeastern Evangelical Seminary, states that 75% of the students entering state colleges and universities who identify themselves as “born again” Christians deny association with the church and Christ within four years. Johnson University Florida has initiated a one-year certificate program with curriculum designed to help students understand and articulate their faith. This program brings a freshman-level curriculum designed to prepare men and women to transfer to state and private secular campuses with the ability to remain faithful under pressure of principles expounded by atheistic or agnostic professors.

Certificate in Worldview Studies

Dr. David Eubanks, President
Phone: 1-407-847-8966

Johnson University Florida

1011 Bill Beck Boulevard Kissimmee, FL 34744

Lake Aurora Christian Assembly

Summer Camp and Retreat Center
Lake Wales, Florida

Lake Aurora Christian Camp and Retreat Center is an extension of the Christian church dedicated to providing meaningful programs in a beautiful outdoor setting. It is a place where youth, adults, and families can take time to enrich their personal relationship with Christ, fellowship with each other, and prepare for service while discovering God’s will for their lives. In 1947 several supporting churches in Florida purchased 20 acres in the heart of Florida and held their first camp, a clearing in scrub oak woods on the edge of a spring-fed lake. Today the campus covers 73 acres and provides not only a summer camp for children, but offers family, adult, and professional seminars, retreats, and programs year around for all ages.

The chapel has been part of the Lake Aurora landscape for over 60 years. The first of the new buildings constructed was a spacious Dining Hall which comfortably seats 240 people. The original Lakeside Campus has ten cabin/dorms that accommodate up to 200 campers. The growing Hillside Campus currently has five cabins that can sleep up to 20 persons each. A new building now houses a Welcome Center and camp offices. Camp buildings provide air conditioned comfort.

Outside Facilities
Large playing fields for softball, soccer, etc.
Lighted sand volleyball court
Lighted open air pavillion with basketball court
The “Blob” and the “Iceberg”
30-foot climbing tower
Team-building low ropes course
Swimming, tubing, canoe/kayak/paddleboat

Retreats and Programs

  • Mother/Daughter Retreat
  • Women’s Retreat
  • Father/Son Retreat
  • Men’s Retreat
  • Teen Girls’ Retreat
  • School Teachers’ Retreat
  • Young At Heart (Seniors)
  • Country Christmas Nights
  • Annual Golf Scramble

CareNet Pregnancy Center of Indian River County

CareNet is a Christ-centered ministry that builds upon the Biblical principles of the sanctity of human life, sexual purity, and adoption. CareNet is committed to providing compassionate help and practical support for those facing unplanned pregnancies and post abortion stress.

Free services provided by CareNet are made possible through donations from individuals, churches, and businesses. Additional funding is raised through an annual banquet, the yearly Walk for Life promotion, and through Care Net’s Baby Bottle Campaign.

CareNet Free ServicesPregnancy Testing

  • Ultrasound (Referral to Dr. Presley)
  • Material Assistance
  • Peer Counseling
  • Presentation, Advocacy and Referrals
  • Post-Adoption Maternal Care
  • Basic Infant Care Program
  • Mentoring
  • Esther Rewards Earning Program
  • Post-Abortion Care and Education for Men and Women
  • Maternity Assistance
  • Men’s Ministry
  • Basic Foundations Bible Studies
  • Abstinence Counseling
  • Youth Outreach Presentations
  • Teens Restoring Life (TLR) Program
  • County School Abstinence Presentations

CareNet Pregnancy Center of I.R.C.
Cheryl M. Hine, Executive Director
1503 24th Street
P. O. Box 836
Vero Beach, FL 32961-0836
Phone: 772-569-7939

Mission Trips

Cornerstone Mission Trips

Cornerstone Christian Church dedicates a portion of the Missions yearly budget to a fund available to members of our congregation to help them meet the costs of a mission trip.

Our Mission Trips

2000 | Russia | 2 Weeks | Ruth Jacobs | (Bible Distribution/Teaching)

2001 | Russia | 3 Months | Rick Swartz | (Bible Teaching/Evangelism)

2006 | Paraguay | 16 Days Tyler Smith | (VBS, Evangelism with CIY teen)

2006 | Louisiana | 10 Days | 17 Members | (Post-Katrina:Cleaning,Reconstruction)



2007 | Grenada | 10 Days | 13 Members | (VBS, Bible Teaching, and Preaching)

2015 | Chile | 10 Days | Todd Kepschull | (Assisst Jack Swanson; and

investigate full-time service in Chile)

Recycled Riches

The Christian Restoration Association (CRA) began the Recycled Riches Fund in 1974. It exists to help congregations that have needs, such as new churches to get into their first buildings and others in need of additions, renovations or repairs to their existing buildings.

The fund, built by contributions of churches and individuals, keeps the Lord’s money in the Lord’s work through interest-free loans and recycles these funds. A service charge of 2% of the value of the loan is used towards managerial costs of the CRA. Any costs above this amount are subsidized from the general fund of the CRA. The borrowing church repays the principal of the loan in ten years with 120 monthly payments. These payments are available for immediate recycling in a loan to yet another church.

The Recycled Riches Fund is held as a sacred trust. The money deposited in this fund will not be removed for any other purpose. Congregations which have been blessed contribute to this fund to help congregations which have needs. When their needs are supplied, these churches can begin to help others.

Restoration House Ministries

After a century of declining attendance in New England churches, New England is now the most unchurched region of the United States. Restoration House Ministries recently celebrated its tenth anniversary of working to grow the church in the New England area. Already twelve churches have been planted.

  • Colonial Point Christian Church planted in Manchester, NH (3/5/00)
  • New Life Cambodian Christian Church planted in Lowell, MA (3/5/00)
  • Crosspoint Christian Church planted in Worcester, MA (3/25/01)
  • Manchester Chinese Christian Church planted in Manchester, NH (9/30/01)
  • Rockingham Christian Church planted in Salem, NH (11/14/01)
  • Life Bridge Christian Church planted in Brandon, VT (4/13/03)
  • Oasis Christian Church (West African) planted in Providence, RI (9/28/03)
  • Manchester Korean Christian Church planted in Manchester, NH (1/4/04)
  • Eastpoint Christian Church planted in Portland, ME (3/7/04)
  • Oasis Christian Church planted in Concord, NH (4/4/04)
  • Sojourn Collegiate Ministry planted in Boston, MA (11/1/06)
  • Reunion Christian Church planted in Boston, MA (12/18/07)
  • Northpoint Christian Church planted in Providence County, RI (10/12/09)

Three more new churches will soon be planted in Providence, RI, in Burlington, VT, and in Boston, MA. Many of the churches are still renting until they can achieve ownership of their own church and worship facilities. Then they, too, will begin planting churches.

Drawing on the resources of Lincoln Christian College and other Bible colleges, several college courses are offered each academic year. Also, an internship program of one to two years is available to recent Bible college graduates who want to gain experience under a qualified mentor. Internships are offered in preaching, youth ministry, children’s ministry, worship, and business administration. Some interns have been hired for full-time ministry of the church.

Dan Clymer, Executive Director
Restoration House Ministries

Curt Nordhielm, Director
Cross-Cultural Ministries

Phone: 1-603-668-8808

Christian Campus House – University of Florida, Gainesville

The primary aim of this ministry is to provide opportunities for Christian fellowship,service, worship and study atmosphere. Students are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility to Christ, to their campus, and to the world. The focus of the full-time ministry of Bob and Celeste Gailey is to help students develop leadership in Christ and in a personal ministry of evangelism. They endeavor to reach those students outside of Christ to accept Him as their personal savior.

In 1977 Bob Wade, the first campus minister, opened his home to a small group of college students for a Bible study. As the group grew, meetings were moved to a small house within walking distance of the university and the group met there for several years until, under the leadership of its first full-time campus minister and his wife, Bob and Celeste Gailey, it again needed a larger meeting space and moved to the Animal Science Auditorium. In 2004 God opened doors so that Campus House could purchase a million dollar property just across the street from the University of Florida campus. This campus ministry began with a group of only 7 students and now serves more than 200 students.

This 6,500 sq. ft. facility near the football stadium has a full kitchen, large meeting rooms, and offices. During the school year, the Campus House is involved in various scheduled activities every day and night of the week. The group is able to offer the Tuesday evening “Meal and Message” (M&M) program year around. M&M is a free home-cooked meal followed by a praise service and message from God’s Word.

Students volunteer their free time not only at local churches, at Habitat For Humanity, and at other outreach programs, but at the many mission trips scheduled every year to help clean and repaint disaster damaged churches and homes, to evangelize and lead youth programs and VBS. Campus House students spend their spring breaks and summer vacations serving Christ and reaching many who don’t know Jesus. Past trips have been to Africa, Alaska, Arizona, China, Costa Rica, England, Grand Bahama Island, Haiti, India, and Thailand. Pictures of past trips may be viewed on their website.

University of Florida Christian Campus House
16 NW 18th Street
Gainesville, FL 32604

Bob and Celeste Gailey
P. O. Box 13435
Gainesville, FL 32604-1435

Phone: 1-352-258-9367